Bones have a beautiful elegance and simplicity. The skeleton is natures architecture of the living being.  Whether finding bones washed up on the beach or in the veld I view them with a reverence, as a more durable part of a life. Bones are a reminder, a kind of epitaph, of a once individual living being . 

All my bones are obtained only from animals that have died from natural causes.

 Antoinette the Aardvark

Cuvier whale skeleton Bird Island Lamberts Bay. Length six meters.

Dreaming. Girl on whalebone swing 30cm.

Twelve Zen rules. The last twelve vertebrae of a humpback whale R9000. 

Whale rib table 1.7m diameter R27700.



 Whalebone vertebrae table diameter 1.6


 Ouroboros, snake skeleton and resin night light R25000. 

Snake sculpture R15000